Shortly after the town of Greenwich Kansas was established in 1883, the First Methodist Church of Greenwich Kansas was dedicated on September 21, 1884. The little town grew rapidly, with two hotels, grocery stores, barbershops, a boot and shoe shop, a blacksmith shop, livery stables, a grain elevator, and the Methodist Church. The oil boom in the 1920s fueled the popularity of the automobile which drove families to larger centers within just a few minutes who could attend larger crowds, better equipment, and more attractive services. While attendance fluctuated with lean years, the Church survived. The Church building was re-built in 1935 after a fire and later a new building was completed in 1961. The Greenwich United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1984. A basketball court was constructed in 2001 along with playground equipment.

While the town of Greenwich has evolved over the years, the original sweet-toned bell remains by the current Greenwich United Methodist Church at 5500 N Greenwich Road, in northeast Wichita KS. The Greenwich United Methodist Church’s purpose is still the same: to love the Lord, to learn God’s word, and to worship together … even during a pandemic, online.

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